Govind Pailoor, Ph.D., MBA.

A Biography.

Govind Pailoor is President of Globan™ Organics Company based in South Portland, Maine. For the last four years, Globan™ Organics has been involved with PhaladaAgro Company in Bangalore, recipient of "Best Exporter 2009" Award, Karnataka State, in growing and processing Fair Trade, Kosher, USDA Organic Certified NOP Food ingredients in different regions of India with about 1,000 farmers team, more readying to join, and marketing them in the USA and Canada.

Globan™ Organics is making efforts to market in India, blueberries grown by Maine and Michigan farmers and other food products.

Govind Pailoor is a "creative person", a pursuer of "Reverse Ph.D." metaphorically speaking, in growing and promoting food ingredients organically and an entrepreneur.

Globan™ Organics is looking for joint venture partners in food processing industries. As an example, in aseptic packaging of USDA Organic Coconut water and blending it with unique local healthy fruit juices in the coconut growing region of southwest coast of India, serving local as well as US markets. Roughly 3,000,000 USDA Organic coconuts are available now. 12,000,000 and more Organic coconuts can be harvested in due course as needed by converting to organic cultivation.

Born and brought up on a farm in Monsoon forest area of southwestern India, Govind Pailoor, 68, is well trained and experienced in agribusiness. He graduated from Agricultural University in Dharwad, earned a LL.B, in Anglo-American Law from Karnataka University, Dharwad, a M.S. and Ph.D. in Soil Science from Michigan State University. Also he has earned a MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Minnesota.


Married with two children, son Mahesh Pailoor is a Filmmaker Director in Hollywood, California, and daughter Deepa a writer in Boston, Massachusetts. Reading, traveling, writing poems, video-logging, Globan™Mind discussions are his pastimes.


He is a member of the Institute of Food Technologists and Organic Trade Association.